Stories in Waiting

Year | 2017

Location | Medialab Prado Madrid (Spain)

Type | Research Project.  Interactivos?’17. Do It Together Science

Use | Interactive device

Authors | Katerina Psegiannaki, Francisco García Triviño, José Manuel López Ujaque

Before we start moving with public transportation we experience the ‘waiting’, an insignificant and dead time. What object or event can wake us from the lethargy of this waiting time?

Today, communters always tend to be notified of their waiting interval. The project wants to take advantage of this, reaching an alternative use of time which involves the traveller in a suprising and enriching experience.

It is proposed to develop a prototype which will turn on once the waiting time begins. A signal should invite the user to bring his o her mobile phone closer. Then, he or she will interact by answering about the estimated waiting period. Once answered, a time-adjusted micro-story will start playing on the phone. An action that will allow the communter to travel without moving.

Stories: writing and recording development

Hardware: Arduino development

Hardware: Sensors diagram

Software: App development

Prototype: User experience (UX) testing

Prototype: Development